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  • This page contains links to all sorts of web sites with more information on Corsica, hiking on the island and outdoor sports in general.

    Sites about Corsica

    Sites about the GR 20

    • A detailed site about the GR 20, by C.J. Malet, born in France, living in New Zealand.
      (Note: hosted on Tripod, therefore likely to open several popup windows)

    Sites about hiking on Corsica

    • A site dedicated to hiking on Corsica, including the famous GR20: CorseWeb.

    Sites about hiking in general

    Sites for backpackers

    • Find businesses around the world catering to backpackers and connect with other backpackers and independent travelers:

    Sites in Dutch

    • Everything you always wanted to know about hiking can also be found on the Hiking Site (in Dutch).

    Useful links

    • offers backpackers the most comprehensive directory of independent hostels located all over the world. Browse our selection of hostels in the world's largest cities and top off-the-beaten track locations.

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