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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 5 (b)

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  • The walk continues, down this time, towards Fozzano. There isn't much to see in this village, except a 15the century tower and the Tomb of Colomba. You're now at an altitude of 400 meters.

    To get to the end of the stage, there is one last little valley to cross. Down below is the river Baraci. The descend is quite easy, but to get up again at the other side can be a bit hard. The path has been used a lot by mountain bikers, which means the surface is very bad, rocky and slippery.

    But then, before you know it, you'll bump into the main road D557, near the little village of San Quircy. This is the official ending of the Mare a Mare Sud, as indicated by the sign.

    During the preparation of the hike, we have put together all the maps for a good overview From here you have a number of options: one is to stop a car or truck to take you to the coastal town of Propriano, about seven kilometers (4.5 miles) from here. An other option is to walk about 15 minutes to Burgo, where you can sleep in the hotel U Fracintu. That will give you the ideal starting point to link this hike to one of the other long distance walks on Corsica, the Mare e Monti Sud, towards Ajaccio.

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