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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 5 (a)

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  • From: Santa Lucia di Tallano
    (450 meters)
    To: Burgo
    (190 meters)
    Highest Point: 700 meters
    Climbing: 675 meters
    Descending: 945 meters
    Time 6 Hours (approx.)

    The fifth and final stage of the Mare a Mare Sud. You're approaching the coast again, so it's a lot of downhill, but this stage involves quite a lot of climbing as well. It is a long stage, basically crossing two valleys.

    On Corsica, you see a lot of wildlife, like this bird of prey From Santa Lucia di Tallano, the stage starts with a descend, which quickly reaches the miniature village ofPoggio. A little bit further still you'll encounter a 12th century roman church, Jean Baptiste. Still further down you bump into a river, Rizzanese. You'll walk alongside this river for about 400 meters, to get to the bridge pont de Piombatu. You're now at an altitude of 120 meters.

    From this bridge the next destination is a village called Fozzano, altitude 400 meters. But be aware there is a 700 meter hill in between! The climb starts slowly, through a chestnut forest, towards the village of Loreto di Tallano, 290 meters high. There starts the real climb, more than 300 meters in one go.

    Having reached 700 meters altitude, you'll have a short while at an even level. Great views here, in all directions, and at some point you'll also be able to see the sea again.

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