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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 4

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  • From: Serra di Scopamena
    (850 meters)
    To: Santa Lucia di Tallano
    (450 meters)
    Highest Point: 850 meters (start)
    Climbing: 400 meters
    Descending: 800 meters
    Time 5 Hours (approx.)

    Even though it takes 5 hours, this stage is not very hard. You'll do some climbing, but mostly it is downhill.

    The gite in Sera di Scopamena, a good example of gites on Corsica The path starts in the middle of the village, at the side of the main road. After a few minutes you pass by an old mill that has been restored by the Parc Naturel. Keep descending, until you get as low as 400 meters at a place called Campu.

    On any high spot, you can have a good look around Leave the main road (D20) again, to the left, and start to climb. After a short while, you cross the river Rizzanese. The climb continues, until you reach the col de Tavara.

    The next 1.5 hours you descend just 70 meters in total, so it will feel almost flat. The last village before the end of the stage is Altagène.

    From here, you'll spend only about 30 minutes descending 200 meters in total. Then you get into Santa Lucia di Tallano. This is a relatively large village with some bars, a shop, a restaurant, a doctor and a bus station.

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