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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 3 (b)

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  • The bridge that brings you across the river Rau Antoine But the usual route continues north, and crosses the river 'Saint-Antoine'. After the river crossing, the path climbs again. Continue for a while and about 3 hours after leaving Levie you enter the village of Quenza. Perfect spot for lunch. There is a gite in Quenza, but when we were there in 1998, it was closed for renovations.

    The bridge that brings you across the river Rau Antoine After a well deserved rest in Quenza, what follows is a 300 meter climb to Jalicu. It is possible to spend the night there, at a horse farm that was operated in 1998 by a man called Pierot. He is quite a character, and even if you're not going to sleep there, take some time to go and greet him!

    From here, it's mostly downhill. On this path, you'll also be able to take an alternative route, but normally you'll continue south towards the village of Serra di Scopamena. The gite is in a building that also houses the fire station.

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