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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 2 (b)

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  • A spot of lunch

    The church yard in Carbini offers a nice spot for lunch When you enter the village of Carbini, just head for the church. Most of the houses are abandoned, at least most of the year. But you'll find a nice pot for lunch in the church yard. The church of Carbini dates from the eleventh century and is built in Roman style. It is almost completely in it's original state.

    The church of Carbini has a tower that is not attached to the main building At this very place, back in 1365, a non-religious sect was formed, the only one ever to exist on Corsica. It was called "Les Giovannali". Pope Urbanus V excommunicated the sect's members and sent an envoy with some soldiers to them. They attacked the group and killed all of them.

    Final stretch to Levie

    From Carbini, with a height of about 500 meters, you continue to descend to the lowest point of the day. There you will have to cross a stream called "Rivière de Satu". Look closely, because about 100 meters from the path there is a very small concrete bridge. The alternative is to take your shoes and socks of and walk barefoot through the river. Not dangerous, but the water can be very cold, especially in spring. The river crossing is at a height of about 250 meters.

    The day ends with a steep climb to Levie, which is at 610 meters. This will take the best part of 90 minutes, so be prepared!

    There is a pizzeria in Levie, where you can enjoy a nice drink. The gite in Levie is operated by a very nice lady, madame Madame Uberto.

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