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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 2 (a)

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  • From: Cartalavonu (1,020 meters)
    To: Levie (610 meter)
    Highest Point: 1,171 meters
    Climbing: 510 meters
    Descending: 920 meters
    Time 6 Hours (approx.)
    5 to 6 hours in the other direction

    The gite in Cartalavonu, on a cold morning in March 1998 The second stage starts at the gite of Cartalavonu, at a height of 1,020 meters. On the photo you can see the sign that is posted near most gites. It shows that the Regional Nature Parc of Corsica (PRNC) checks the quality there. The sign also displays the height at that location.

    The walk starts with a one hour climb, towards the highest point of the day, at 1,171 meters. You walk through a forest, full of huge rocks. The peak is known as Foce Alta. There is a beautiful panoramic view there, but some days the clouds or fog will hinder that view.

    >Once you're over the hill top, you walk down again, still through a forest. After about 30 minutes, you reach the Col de Mela, at 1,068 meters.

    Towards Carbini

    A view of the village and church of Carbini As soon as you start the descent, you'll see the little village of Carbini, below you in the valley. The church there attracts attention. The tower isn't connected to the church.

    The path down is very steep, and you pass by some gigantic rocks. Halfway down, there is a big rock that forms a kind of balcony. A great spot for a rest and a bite. The view over the valley is spectacular. If you take a look at the map, you notice that the biggest part of todays route can be seen from here. From there on, it's just about 40 minutes before you reach Carbini.

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