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Mare a Mare Sud - Stage 1 (a)

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  • From: Porto-Vecchio (140 meters)
    To: Cartalavonu (1,020 meters)
    Highest point: 1,020 meters
    Climbing: 1,020 meters
    Descending: 140 meters
    Time: 6 hours (approx.)
    4 to 5 hours in the other direction

    Leaving Porto-Vecchio, we look out over the coastal area and the sea Just like many other towns on Corsica, Porto-Vecchio is situated on a hillside. You'll probably have arrived there the night before your first walk. But the first stage of the hike starts at the harbour, at sea level, so you'll have to begin the day with a short descent. This photo was taken during that descent, at a spot with a great view right across the bay.

    The official start of the first stage is at a roundabout near the harbour, the "Carrefour de Quatres Chemins" (which means "cross point of four roads"). From there you take the D159 in the direction of Muratellu. After a while, you'll leave the larger road and continue towards the village of Nota. Pay close attention to the map and the markings, because a new road has been built around Porto-Vecchio that is shown only on the most recently updated maps, and this new road crosses the route.

    After about 2 hours, you will reach the village of Alzu di Gallina, where you'll be at a height of about 140 meters again (just like when you left!). And all the while, you'll be walking on an ordinary road. If you don't feel like doing this kind of warming up, consider taking a taxi...

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